IMD 2012 Uppsala, Sweden

IMD Sweden 2012 Uppsala

A lone Moke, an African one at that, for IMD in Sweden

IMD 2012 - Belgium

BelgiumInternationalMokeDay2012 48

Belgium Mokes were out in force again this year for IMD

IMD 2012 - NSW South Coast

A group of four plus some Moke Spirit for IMD on the South Coast.

IMD 2012 - Perth, Western Australia

A good turn out for the nice weather put on for IMD in Perth

IMD 2012 - Southern Tasmania

A glorious day for a drive in the Mokes in southern Tasmania.

IMD 2012 - Adelaide

A last minute impromptu IMD for Adelaide this year.

IMD 2012 - Gippsland

IMD Gipssland was a run down to Mirbo North and the Grand Ridge Road.

IMD 2012 - South East Melbourne

Rob had his own IMD in S.E. Melbourne.

IMD 2012 - Melbourne, Australia

A nice country drive north west of Melbourne for IMD.

IMD 2012 - Ainsley's Sydney IMD

Ainsley's the lone Moke flying the IMD flag for Sydney.

IMD 2012 - Newcastle, Australia

Woody out and about for IMD 2012 in Newcastle

Small turn out, however one Moke still went for the Run