Engine testing Control Panel

An Engine Control panel that is used to test stand alone engines or in when in Mokes.

Engine Trolley

Sick of tripping over all those spare engines lying around your garage? Why not build a simple trolley and roll them out of the way.

Wheel Alignment Bar for Toe In/Out

The standard Moke wheel alignment options are limited to just the Toe In and Toe Out adjustment so it can be a waste of money in some cases to pay for a commercial full alignment which can still only turn the same couple of threaded bits that you can. You just need this tool to make it all a bit easier.

El Cheapo Welding Trolley

For the small handy welders that are available now you can get yourself a very cheap trolley for carrying the welder, the gas bottle, helmet and a few tools by converting an old style TV trolley.

Body Trolley

Mokes are a bit hard to move once you remove a subframe or two. All you need is a simple frame on wheels that keeps them off the floor and lets you shift them around the man cave.

Engine Lifting Bracket

Heres a simple bracket that helps when lifting the engine out of your Moke. Easy to make too!

Make A Flywheel Puller

If you ever need to replace your clutch or strip your engine, you will need a flywheel puller. Here's how to make one.

Handy Hand Tools

You don't need a shed load of tools to repair a Moke - but there are a few that will make life a lot easier. Some you need to buy, but a lot of them you can make.

Mounting a Moke on a frame.

As an aid in Moke restoration some people prefer to mount the Moke body shell on to a frame or rotisserie to get it up off the ground and in many cases, so it can be flipped over. This article shows examples of how people have done it and explains some of the thinking behind the individual designs.

Jake the Brake

Jake the Brake is a tool that depresses the brake pedal and holds it down to assist with jobs that normally would require an extra person sitting in the Moke.