Sydney, Australia

Sydney Mokes out for the first International Moke Day in Sydney in 2007

5 Mokes took a tour of the Harbour City for their IMD effort.

Tasmania, Australia

The Mokes lined up in Tasmania for International Moke Day 2007

Three convoys, two from the north and one from Hobart, met up in Campbelltown for a BBQ lunch and plenty of Moke talk.

Perth, Australia

Mokes lned up at International Moke Day in Perth Western Australia

11 Mokes made the day for a drive in the hills around Perth.

Melbourne, Australia

Yellow Moke lined uyp for start of IMD 2007 in Melbourne

Eleven Mokes braved the overcast and high winds to take in the sights of Melbourne before settling on the banks of the Yarra for a BBQ.

The Final Count 2007

The Final Count for International Moke Day 2007
September the 16th has passed and a lot of people got into the spirit of the day and joined in with their Mokes.                  


International Moke Day in Malaysia

Somewhere in Malaysia
      Suresh and I believe Desmond represented their country in IMD 2007     

Adelaide/Sth Australia, Australia

IMD Adelaide all 10

Led by the South Australian Moke Club a trip for IMD from Adelaide up in to the Adelaide Hills was undertaken with a stop at the Best bakery.

North East Victoria, Australia

International Moke Day in North East Victoria. Line up of Cars at start

The group of Moke and Mini enthusisast from the North East of Victoria and lower reaches of NSW get together for IMD 2007

Northern Illinois, USA

Mokes from Illinois for IMD 2007. Raine Ray and friends at the pub.

Northern Illinois
Raine Ray and friends had a day down the local watering hole for International Moke Day 2007. 

Florida, USA

International Moke Day in Cypress Gardens Florida. Parked in front of the sign

Cypress Gardens, Florida
      Three Mokes were part of a car show at Cypress Gardens in Florida and made it their IMD event for 2007.                              


african moke 1964 in Sweden IMD 2007

Mikael got onto IMD very late but still managed to get two Mokes involved for the day and is planning to involve the 10-12 other Mokes in Sweden next year