Vehicle Identifier Registration State Country Year Notes and Comments  
O18FOB1M0914980 BEACHN Qld Australia 2022
AKPPB19y100811 570HDF Qld Australia 2006 Magnetic Island, ex Military Moke.
yjbab12r506 lbj628 Vic Australia LBJ628 looks like the original registration but the Moke has been off the road for a long time.
YJBAB12R671 752Af6 Qld Australia 2021 For Sale on October 2021
O30COB1M121493 AJF558 New Zealand 2008 Moke is located in New Zealand
YJBAB13R677 MEDICB Tas Australia 2007 Moke Ambulance in Tasmania
998LZY Qld Australia 2009 2021 - Registration is now assigned to a 1953 FJ Holden.
SW230 NSW Australia 2006 Compliance plate and body number do exists but not clear enough to identify yet.
Rxj283 SA Australia Image taken June 2006
YJBAB13R766 BIV981 Vic Australia 1982 Third registration in Victoria on the 14/4/1982. The YJBAB13R766 identification was replaced with V/82854/P. Source Original Vicroads cars held by the AOMC
YJBAB13R766 IJO913 Vic Australia 1975 This is the second registration of the vehicle on 23/12/1975. Source Original Vicroads records card held by AOMC
YJBAB13R766 LFL535 Vic Australia 1972 First registered in Victoria with this number on the 31/08/1972
YJBAB13R766 AYO925 Vic Australia 2006 The last known registration prior to this plate was BIV 981
YJBAB12R622 ERK978 Vic Australia 1971
AD84JX NSW Australia A camo paint job and loks to be a mid 70's with an 1980+ front bumper.
REV112 SA Australia Purple Moke on display at Minis and the Mill in Birdwood. Photos taken November 2006. Possibly owned by Chris somebody
AKPPB18Y107094 SDN726 SA Australia 1978 The Serial number is difficult to see on the plate, could be 107nn4. Pictures taken in 2006
SZA563 SA Australia 1975 Mid 70's Blue almost purple Moke.
UHN993 Vic Australia Red Moke possibly down in East Gippsland about 10 or more years ago.
UAH472 Vic Australia 1980+ Yellow Californian Moke with 1275 and blue denim seats. Images taken in street, date unknown.
905PAX Qld Australia 1970s Faded red wreck as part of a rusting collection on Facebook September 2021