Radiator Hose clamps tips

The lower radiator hose on the Moke can be unnecessarily difficult to remove or replace simply because of its position, however it can be even more frustrating and time consuming if the last person hasn't placed the right hose clamps in the right place for easy access and it gets worse again if they fitted the clamps while on the bench and didn't consider accessing the hose clamps in the Moke.

Fan on the right way.

Check that your Fan is on the right way around, although in my experience I have found it doesn't really make that much difference to the amount of air flowing through the radiator.

Radiator Plugs

How to make some simple plugs to test your radiator.

Radiator Caps

Radiator caps are fairly simply, but seem to cause a bit of confusion at times when it comes to mokes. Here's all you need to know to choose the right one for your favourite car.