Moke Rear lights

Moke Rear Light Californian 1978 - 1982For the 14 years of production in Australia there were only four styles of rear light fitted to Mokes.

Moke Rear lights - 1977 to 1982

Moke Rear Light Californian 1978 - 1982For last years of production the square Hella was fitted to Mokes from around 1977 to 1982.

Moke Rear lights - 1969? - 1978

Oval Hella light used on Mokes This Hella style was fitted to the rear of the Moke for the longest period.

How to test if the Solenoid is Faulty.

Solenoid PushButtonThis article describes various techniques for testing whether your starter solenoid is faulty or is something else going wrong causing issues with starting the engine.

Moke Wiper Wiring - Secrets of the Twin Stalk

Switch TerminalsWith the introduction of the Gal body Mokes, the old dash mounted wiper switch was replaced by a column mounted switch. This is a quick guide to how it all works.

Moke Wiper Wiring - Secrets Revealed

Wiper Motor PointsThis information applies to the two speed wipers with the dash mounted rotary switch. So to help with restoration or repair, here is a guide to exactly how it works.


Fitting A Gemini Starter

Gemini Starter fitting to a MokeFrom the factory, Mokes were fitted with a Lucas inertia starter. While they are generally pretty reliable, there are much better starters available these days. The best one to fit is from a Holden Gemini, and it is quite easy to do.

Twin Stalk Indicator Cancellation

steeringwheelLate mokes with the twin stalk indicator switch use two small pins under the steering wheel to cancel the indicators. This works fine until you replace the steering wheel!