The Moke of Goat Island.

The Island isn't called Goat Island but it did have Goats and it does have a sadly neglected little Moke which is unlikely to ever be restored or recovered. A few years ago I caught the end of a filler article on the Channel Nine News where a couple of images of this Moke flashed by. I chased up the story with Channel Nine, the item was about an island in Western Port Bay in Victoria where a herd of goats had been neglected and left to fend for themselves by the new owner of the island.

Winton Truck Museum Moke

This Moke is a major draw card of the Winton OutBack Festival's Iron Kids event. Major draw card is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but still it does get dusted off every couple of years and gets a few days out of the Winton Truck Museum where it lives amongst the big rigs on show. The Moke belonged to a local family who I found owned a car dealership in town and they provide it to the Outback Festival every two years when it is held and between Festivals it is on display at the truck museum

Anything to add?

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