Mini and Moke Production

This new book is aimed at Australian Mini and Moke owners and focuses on the local production details.

Moke - The History

It is not often that something new is published about Mokes so doing a Book review is somewhat of a novelty when it comes to Mokes. There is however there is a new book available from the Mini Moke Club in the UK, or perhaps the less than United Kingdom, that is worth a read for most people interested in Mokes. Called "Moke The History" it covers the entire life of the Moke from prototypes to the last of production in the 90's and is around 200 pages or so long, with 45 pages just on the period of production in Australia.

Leyland Australia Comprehensive Workshop Manual

Leyland Australia Workshop Manual for Mokes and MinisAustralian Publication from around 1976. Includes the 998, 1100 and 1275(Export) Mokes, however no Electrical diagram for the Export Moke.