Front Subframe Rebuild

A start to finish guide on reassembling your front subframe.

Parts - Shock Absorbers and Dampers

A list of manufacturers and part numbers for Shock Absorbers and Dampers that are known to suit Mokes.

Subframe Bolt Protector

An alternative subframe bolt protector for your Moke. Copied from an original post on the Mokes Inc. Forum by Pete Power.

Rear Trailing Arm Hole Reinforcement

A problem which is showing up a little more often nowadays is the ovaling of the hole in the rear subframe mount of the trailing arm. The fix might just work as the prevention and this article explains how.

The subframe bolt tyre protector.

A modification to the rear subframe of the Moke to protect the tyre from damage, getting a gapping hole torn in it, from a failed trailing arm pin.

Installing Jacking Rings in the rear subframe.

A modification to the rear suspension of the Moke that raises not just the ride height but alsothe suspension travel and reduces the risk of snapped trailing arm pins. The modification using Jacking Rings appears to have come originally come from Robin Booth, a life memebr of the Moke Owners Association. This article originally appeared on The Moke Forum posted by Smoken.

Are Your Donuts Stuffed?

Donuts are the heart of a Mokes suspension. Unfortunately they wear out, making your Moke look a bit down at the front. Here's how to tell if they need replacing.

Replacement for Shock Absorber bolt on rear trailing arm.

Replacing the rear shock absorber mounting stud with a bolt can save you the time, effort and expense of having to remove the remains of a broken stud from the trailing arm which is becoming more common as the Mokes get older. A fairly simple task that can be done on the bench during a restoration or spending an hour or less in the garage jacking up the rear of the Moke, either way much quicker than the three to four hours you might spend trying to remove the remains of the stud if it breaks.