Top Gear Australia - Shark Cage Moke

For the first Episode of Top Gear Australia the producers decided to set the bar high for their classic vehicle vandalism and built a shark cage onto a Moke and dropped in the waters off South Australia.

Le Fantomas Classic Moke Car Chase

A Moke with abilities that defy explanation, how did it get the caravand and 4 people up the hill?, however it doesn't fly and the Hero gets away. This French classic from the 1960's is probably the best known car chase around involving a Moke.

1964 UK Moke goes on Show

There is only a few seconds of this UK 1964 Moke on display at a Commercial Vehicle show at Earls Court. The Moke appears around 1:20, just after the cut away Land rover.

Twin Engine Moke as a Snow Plough

The Sir Alec Iss. demonstrates a twin engined Moke that has been fitted with a snow plough and it actually looks fun. This clip is available on the British Pathe site as part of their collection.