Export Moke in Noosaville

In October 2021 this Export Moke is  advertised on carsales.com.au from Noosaville in Queensland. It has had a couple of restoration with with alits f items replaced, see list, and disc brakes fitted along with a six point roll cage being the obvious changes. If you are the owner, the seller or the buyer of this Moke I would like to know what the original engine number is.

Blue Export Moke sold at Shannons Auction

Rebirthed as a 1977 Moke, the Export Californian Moke was sold at Shannons Auction in Melbourne for $37,000 in Febraury 2021. While it has a few nice looking new bits like the Hood and the seats and the engine at least got a paint job there is lot of evidence to show other areas were done on the cheap by a 'mini' person with limited knowledge of Mokes probably to capitalise on the increasing prices getting sought for Mokes.

The Top Gear Export Shark Moke

This lime green Export Moke was sold in 2007 and went onto to become the infamous Moke that went for a swim with the Sharks on the first episode of the otherwise forgettable Australian series of Top Gear. It looks like a pretty tidy Moke at the time of sale but the salt water would have done some damage I think in the years it was used as a prop in the studio. The person who purchased it from the production company did make an appearance on the Moke Forum a few years later but not much detail was provided and since then I haven't seen or heard of the fate of the Moke.

The Early Export, #506

I went and looked at this local Moke in 2010 and was pleased to see it is what I believe to be the earliest example, as far as serial numbers go, of an Export Moke to still exist. It is in pretty sad shape body wise and the engine is seized but that doesn't stop the owner having an unrealistic price in his mind for it in 2010 and I spoke with him recently and the today's asking prices for Mokes really haven't helped the situation so I expect the Moke will continue to its decline for years to come. The condition of  the rare Black Verve hood in the back would almost make it worth purchasing, unfortunately one small patch of it has been exposed to the weather through a hole in the cover making it useless.

Under Reconstruction Californian Export

This Moke came onto the radar in October 2006 when I picked it up from Dingley, Victoria on behalf of the new owner Paul M. in Adelaide who removd the engine and stripped the boddy down before selling it on to the current owner, also in Adelaide, who is progressing with a bare metal restore of the Moke. I have done a little bit of research helping the current owner Peter M. with its previous registration history and it has been interesting to see it was stripped of its factory identity and given a Police VIN back in 1982 due to being one of the handful of Export Mokes where the body number stamped in the body had a single digit typo and did not match the ADR plate.

Shepparton Auction Export Moke

The photos of this Moke were taken in June 2006 as the Moke was part of a clearing sale/auction near Shepparton and unfortunately the camera battery died so I wasn't able to get any details but I think it was YJBAB12R. Would be nice to find out any more details on what happened to it or where it came from.

Red Export Moke at Hay Nationals in 2007

This Export Californian Moke was seen at the street display at the Hay Nationals in 2007 and unfortunately the battery went flat in the camera so I only got a couple of photos. The engine pictured is a 998 and not the original engine and the lack of a fuse box in the usual spot suggests it has a custom wiring.

An Export Californian in Queensland

I don't know much about this photo or where it has come from, but I think a for sale site of some form around 2009. The engine is a 1275 Automatic but not the original engine and the lack of the LHS engine steady suggest the car was assembled by a Mini person. Unfortunately the identification details are not clear enough to be read.

New Zealand Export

This Export Moke resides in New Zealand, or at least it did in 2008, and has the distinct of being almost the last to roll off the production with a serial number of 1943. I don't know much more about it but I think there is an email or two to be found with some more information, but a winery is involved. The passenger ha a good view of the gauges.

An Export Woody Californain

An wood sided Moke makes this a very conspicuous Californian Export that is in pretty regular use. The original engine was removed prior to the current owner obtaining it but has since re-powered it with another 1275.

Anything to add?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.