IMD 2016 - Melbourne

Some details on the MOA website,

IMD 2016 - Tasmania

A very quiet IMD on the Apple Isle.

IMD 2016 - Adelaide, South Australia

Great IMD in Adelaide, a cool and showery start to the day but eventually the sun broke through and made it a cool and sunny day.

IMD 2016 - Quirindi

My IMD was a sort of spur of the moment thing which started as an idea for a quick 80km return trip up the highway for lunch, really just so that I could say I participated.

IMD 2016 - Sydney-Gosfrod

A nice big group of Sydney Mokes for a run to the Gosford Museum.

IMD 2016 - Caloundra

Celebrated IMD 2016 on the Sunshine Coast by taking TTS to the pub for lunch.

IMD 2016 - Anglesea

Ben spent IMD in the shed with his Moke.

IMD 2016 - Woolongong

The weather is ok down here in Wollongong at the moment so I got Morgan out and had a nice drive around lake illawarra, the real purpose of the journey was to swing past BCF and pick up some things I need for the Bathurst weekend.
We are not a camping family so I needed quite a bit. Hopefully get to use it more often in some future Moke adventures.

IMD 2016 - Kiama

Ian and Son took a quick drive down to Kiama.