MokeFest 2013, An adventure to Western Australia

MokeFest2013 a n image of the mokes on the border.MokeFest for 2013 is hitting the road, the big long road across to Western Australia for a week or two of Moking nirvana or at least a BBQ or two and some looking around with the locals. More details about the event as it unfolds can be found in the MokeFest 2013 section.

MokeFest 2013, WA Adventure

MokeFest 2013 Border ImageIn September of 2013 MokeFest is going on the road with an Adventure to Perth in Western Australia to meet the locals, tour areas of the state and for those from the eastern states will take the iconic trip across the Nullarbor. Being held in recognition of the efforts WA Mokers have made to come to events on the eastern side of the country and for something different to the previous events, MokeFest 2013 WA Adventure is going to be a once in lifetime opportunity for many people. Full details at

MokeFest 2013, Getting There

MokeFest 2013 Border ImageFor people who don't understand Mokes the idea of driving to the other side of the country is just insane, however for people who enjoy their mokes then it is going to be the best adventure they could ever have. To help you understand what is being planned this article covers the the itinerary, meeting points, the over night stops and accommodation options until we reach Club Kennel on the first weekend in Western Australia. This is subject to change as planning progresses.