Australian Moke Prices

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Export Mokes, for the spot weld counters

For a bit more depth and details into the production of these Export Californian Mokes this article is intended for the people that like to count the number of spot welds on a Moke and provides the current understanding about what did and didn't happen with these Moke in more detail and has been removed from the general overview article on Export Californains found here,

Export Mokes, the original Californian

A special order of Mokes were destined for the US Virgin Islands in 1970 however the order was cancelled later on, however the wheels of production were already turning and the Mokes were still built with their unique features and mostly released to the local market. With renewed interest I have been working with BLMC Historian Tony Cripps to try and uncover as much of the real history of this limited run of special Mokes.

How many Mokes Built?

Attempts to explain how many Mokes were really built in Australia.

Moke Factory Tour

Back in the late 1970's  Neil Rennardson took a tour of the Leyland plant at Enfield, NSW and took some snaps of the Mokes, Minis, Land Rovers and Triumphs that were getting produced. 39 Photos in about 3.8mb download.

The Californian Export Features

Originally intended for the US Virgin Islands, The Original Californian or Export Moke has many distinct features that sets it apart from the other production Mokes and I try to describe what to look for here.

The real number of Australian Mokes

If you look around the Interweb at any number of websites and even published books that quote the number of Mokes built in Australia as 26,142 you may be surprised to find it is at odds with the number 34,704 that is displayed on the brass plaque fitted to the last Moke off the assembly line in 1982.

The YJBAB14R's, the rare Export Californians

The 14R Mokes have some unique features that I believe make them a little more special than the rest of the Export Mokes and as more of the history is uncovered I expect that they will turn out to be the earlier prototype or sample of Export Mokes built before the rear tank issue came about so don't bet the farm on this being absolutely correct but I am happy enough to pencil this into the history as I understand it at the moment.

What Does A Moke Weigh?

Probably not a question that keeps you awake at night, but it can be handy to know and also a good tool to help diagnose other problems with your Moke.