Australian Moke Prices

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How many Mokes Built?

Brass Plate on the Last Moke Built

Attempts to explain how many Mokes were really built in Australia.

YDO30 - The Original Californian


The Original Californian or the Export Moke that was never exported.

The real number of Australian Mokes


If you look around the Interweb at any number of websites and even published books that quote the number of Mokes built in Australia as 26,142 you may be surprised to find it is at odds with the number 34,704 that is displayed on the brass plaque fitted to the last Moke off the assembly line in 1982.

What Does A Moke Weigh?

OnTheScalesProbably not a question that keeps you awake at night, but it can be handy to know and also a good tool to help diagnose other problems with your Moke.

Moke Factory Tour

Moke Factory Tour-37

Back in the late 1970's  Neil Rennardson took a tour of the Leyland plant at Enfield, NSW and took some snaps of the Mokes, Minis, Land Rovers and Triumphs that were getting produced. 39 Photos in about 3.8mb download.