A picture of an Export mokes front lights

For a bit more depth and details into the production of these Export Californian Mokes this article is intended for the people that like to count the number of spot welds on a Moke and provides the current understanding about what did and didn't happen with these Moke in more detail and has been removed from the general overview article on Export Californains found here, https://www.moke.com.au/about/production-details/558-export-mokes-the-original-californian

So far these are the details we have on the Mokes


A single plate exists but no picture of the attached Moke(s) has been found to exists so far.


At least one exists in the Netherlands according to their online motor vehicle registration website, no other details available regarding engine or tank location. Thanks Brad McDonald. A second 11L has been found in the UK and pictures do exist that show it is LHD with a side fuel tank.


Plated November and December 1971 with 1204 engine rear tank. No 12L's, LHD, are known to exist at this stage.


Plated 1972 only with the 1204 prefixed engine and a rear fuel tank. One exists in the Czech Republic with a 13L plate, LHD suggesting that least one was destined for export when built.


So far only found as RHD in Australia, ADR plated between January and July 1973 with 1204 engine and rear fuel tank.


Plated November 1970 with serial numbers that puts them in to the serial number sequence for early 1972 and used the 12YGUH engine. Only one is known to still exist, with a left side top fill fuel tanks and evidence of being converted from LHD to RHD at the factory.

According to the ADR build plates we have found.

November 1970 - YJBAB14R

December 1971 - YJBAB12R (#506 -   )

Jan - Nov 1972 - YJBAB13R or L

Jan - Jul 1973 - O30COB1M12

The Mokes listed in the AMR records and our collection of images show that these Mokes were mostly configured with the 1275 engine prefixed with the later 1204 and had rear mounted fuel tanks. Although more are known to have existed, the one Moke I have seen fitted with the earlier 12YGUH 1275 retained the left side top fill fuel tank.

 The Anomalies

 Sometimes the researching turns up things that can only be described as anomalies and while I am aware of them I try not to include them in the forming of my view of what has happened.

YJBAB12R/13R - Five or six of these Mokes exist with a mismatch between the body prefix that appears on the ADR plate and the stamp in the body. The serial numbers puts them all in 1972 making the 13R on
the ADR to be the correct prefix while on the body the stamping shows 12R, that I put this down to a mistake by the guy holding the hammer on the day.

Only two serial numbers are duplicated 12R and 14R Mokes and both appear on the Brisbane flood list, see below, a list that has at least one other typo so it was not enough to suggest there was more than one sequence of serial numbers starting at 501, that would also be contrary to the conventions used in the other production runs, however the recent discovery of the 2nd duplicate does suggest more might exist.

The Netherlands Moke may have escaped the conversion and kept its original designation but until more is known about this Moke it is just something in pencil in the history books.

The Brisbane Flood List

In 1972 Brisbane, Queensland went under water and so did quite a number of Leyland vehicles, including 19 Mokes of which 17 were Export Mokes. The vehicles went to Auction and BLMC sent out a technical Bulletin too all dealers and service centres advising that the vehicles were no longer under any warranty. The list has the largest collection of Body and Engine identifiers for the YJBAB14R Mokes, 14 in total, that helps to shape some of our understanding of these very shy Mokes of which only two are known to still exist and the exact number made still eludes us.