Rod Change Shift Rods

If you ever pull the shifter box out of your rod change moke, you might end up wondering how the rods go back! Fear not - this article has all the photos you need to get it back together.

Adjusting the Clutch

Adjusting the clutch on your Moke is quite simple - but it helps if you understand what you are doing and why.

Sloppy Gearchange?

A very common complaint with rod change gearboxes is the sloppy gearchange. While they will never be perfect, you certainly shouldn't be bashing your knuckles on the dash when changing gears. In most cases it is simply due to wear, and with a bit of time and a few parts you can make a huge improvement.

Rod Change Seal Replacement

One of the most common places for a Moke to leak oil is the seal on the rod change shaft. Fortunately it is also very simple to replace. Here's how to do it - the easy way!

Rod Change Bracket to fit Exhaust

A modified bracket to support the remote on a Rod change gearbox that allows greater access for the exhaust to fit, especially extractors intended for Minis.