Export Moke Rear Fuel Tank

Rear tank filler on an Export MokeThe Export Moke has the fuel tank fitted in the rear subframe

Fuel Senders

AllSendersNormally hidden away inside the fuel tank, the sender unit for the gauge is usually forgotten - until it stops working! To save you the trouble of pulling the tank out, these are all the different senders fitted to a Moke, how to identify them, and what you can do to fix them.

Twin Fuel Tank Set up on Desert Storm

Moke Twin Tank Fuel SystemThe Twin Fuel tank set up I have in Desert Storm is perhaps not to everyone's tastes but there might be elements of it that could help you in the design of your own twin tank system. No rear filler, electronic solenoids to control it and the mechanical fuel pump does the work moving the fuel around.

SU Carby Identification

hs6_rightMokes were originally fitted with one of two SU carbys, but over the years they have often been changed. When you need parts or tuning advice, it is important to know what you have. This article lists the most common SU carbys and how to identify them.

Fuel Sender Repair

OldSenderSide fill Mokes have a unique fuel gauge sender, and replacements have not been available for years. Luckily most of the internal parts are the same as a Mini, so with a bit of creative thinking and a new donor sender you can rebuild your old one to work like new.


Running On Empty

FuelGaugeTitleI'm always amazed at the number of people that are quite happy to drive around without a working fuel gauge! They are a simple electro/mechanical device and usually easily repaired. So throw that dip stick away, grab some tools and get yours working again.