IMD 2015 - Shoalhaven

A few of us here in the Shoalhaven region NSW got together today to celebrate IMD.

IMD 2015 - Perth, Western Australia

Evidence something happened in Pert but no details photos appeared for it.

IMD 2015 - Northern Tasmania

There is some evidence a few Mokes got out for this IMD event but no details or pictures found yet.

IMD 2016 - Southern Tasmania

In southern Tassie we had a relatively small turn-out of three Mokes this year, but we still had fun. We took a drive through the foothills of Mt Wellington, then south of Hobart. Wound through the back rounds to a cafe for morning tea then back home. Unfortunately the great weather had gone somewhere else for the morning, so there wasn't much top-down action.

IMD 2015 - Adelaide, South Australia

A quiet turn out for deialde this year.

IMD 2015 - Melbourne - Castlemaine Run

For the Melbourne to Castlemaine run we had about 14 or 15 Mokes.

IMD2015 - Sydney

Attended my first Moke event today, IMD 2015.