On this plate from the oldest known surviving Australian Moke says it is a MIMI Moke.

Quality Control and typos started early, appearing pretty much on day one of Moke production.


An ADR plate from a most intriguing Moke that I have come across because of the number of anomalies it presents.

Two Complaince Plates on one Moke

>At a Moke Owners Association Service Day in July a member showed me the two Australian Design Rules Compliance plates that he has taken off the same Moke that he is restoring. The two ADR plates are almost identical although one shows a spelling mistake in the word Moke that gives a clue as to perhaps why two plates were created and perhaps the issue was spotted late and removing the the first one was not practical.

Besides the obvious spelling mistake, MOKZ, there is one other difference and that is that one plate shows ADR 10a while the other shows 12a.