Brake Fail Switches

Brake Fail Switches were fitted to the later Mokes with a tandem brake system. They are just a small plastic switch screwed into the side of the master cylinder, and often break. Here's how they work and where to get replacements.

Caliper Overhaul

Disc brakes are wonderful things. They are very simple, work better than drums and never need adjusting. But they aren't magic, and do need some maintenance now and then. So if you have bought a set to upgrade your drum brakes or have never touched the originals - now is a good time to give them a birthday.

Tandem Master Overhaul

The green band tandem master cylinders were fitted to Mokes from around 1976 until the end of production. While complete cylinders are no longer available new, there are still enough parts available to rebuild your old one.

5-Way Valve

These valves were fitted to Mokes from around 1976-1979 along with the tandem master cylinders. Most of the time they live a very quiet and peaceful life - but when they go wrong you will know about it! This is what's inside, how to get to it and how to fix it.

Drum Brakes, Springs, Shoes & The Meaning of Life

Pulling your drum brakes apart is easy - but putting them back correctly is slightly harder.

Here's a few diagrams and tips to make it easier.

Recycling Old Hydraulic Cylinders

New clutch and brake slave cylinders are readily available and quite cheap, but these days they are not always the best quality. And some of the master cylinders are no longer available.So before you bin those old parts, see if you can turn them into something better.

Moke Rear Brake Line Modification

A slightly different rear brake pipe modification for the Moke is to reroute the pipe from the wheel cylinder to the end of the short brake hose to shorten its overall length and provide less problem areas.

Making Brake Lines

Brake lines are one of the things that often get put in the too hard basket in a rebuild. But they really aren't that difficult - you can have a brake shop make them, or have a go yourself.  Here is all you need to know.