Front Brakes

If your Moke has front drums, they should be a twin leading shoe setup like this -

Front_BrakeThis the left front (passenger) side setup. The two springs are both the same, but the ends are different. Note the orientation of the shoes, with the blank part on the leading edge and keyhole cutout for the adjusters closest to the slave cylinder piston. The long spring end is next to the adjuster.

Right front or drivers side is a mirror image of this.

Rear Brakes

Rears need a bit more thought, as they have different springs and the hand brake linkage.

Rear_BrakeThis is the right (drivers) side. Note again the leading edge or blank area of the shoe is facing the direction the wheel turns, and the different springs top to bottom. Also note the bottom spring is turned so the link is down and away from the hub - this is very important. If installed upside down, the spring may rub on the hub and wear through.

The left side is again a mirror image of this.

Also note the handbrake linkage. These are handed, and will only fit on one side. The cable connects to the rear lever, which is on the bottom. The front shoe is operated by the top lever.


Rear brakes both adjust by turning the screw clockwise. Disconnect the handbrake cable first, turn the adjuster until the brakes lock, then back off one quarter turn. Apply the brakes to centralise the shoes and adjust again. Repeat until the wheel turns with slight to no drag. Reconnect the handbrake and adjust so it locks the rear brakes at half travel or less, but no drag when off (you should be able to turn the pin with your fingers).

Front brakes adjust by turning in the direction of wheel rotation, so drivers side is anti-clockwise and passengers side is clockwise. Turn the adjuster until the wheel locks, then back off slighly. Centralise the shoes by stomping on the pedal and re-check each adjuster in turn. If the adjuster makes a full turn without locking the wheel, then the shoes and/or the drum need replacing. If the adjuster is loose, then the backing plates need to be replaced.


Please don't cut corners with your brakes. If you are in any doubt at all, please seek advice or replace the worn parts. This is one area where near enough is NOT good enough.