Windscreen Washer - Replacement Bottle

As the Moke ages the windscreen washer bottle is something that tends to have perished on many Mokes and although new factory items are no longer available there is a generic washer bottle that is available that is a pretty close representation of the original item.

The visible spot welds

Prompted by a question on the Australian Moke Forum about which spot welds are visible on the Moke this collection of dusty photos attempt to show where the original spot welds appear on the Moke.

Windscreens and Drills

Avoid the disappointment of seeing your windscreen crack when your drill touches the glass by protecting the glass with a razor blade.under the rubber.

Dash Console Panels 1980-1982

A collection of original consoles fitted to Mokes from 1980 to 1982.

Californian Bumpers

An explanation of the different types of front Californiani bumpers and profiles in terms of the leanng and the straight up and down.

The Grommet List

Missing a few grommets or have a gaping hole in the firewall? Here's a list of all the holes in a Moke body and what you need to fill them.

How To Make Your Own Wheel Arch Spats

Do you want to give your Moke a fresh and sporty appearance with the addition/replacement of rubber Wheel Arch Spats? Can't find them anywhere? Don't want to spend $130 per pair on eBay for Chinese copies? Don't worry - read on to find out how you can make your own that look just like the originals! Copied from a post on the Mokes Inc. Forum by SA Mokin.

Replacement body shells and panels

A common question is where can I get replacement panels and body shells for my Moke.

Brake Fail Switches

Brake Fail Switches were fitted to the later Mokes with a tandem brake system. They are just a small plastic switch screwed into the side of the master cylinder, and often break. Here's how they work and where to get replacements.

Caliper Overhaul

Disc brakes are wonderful things. They are very simple, work better than drums and never need adjusting. But they aren't magic, and do need some maintenance now and then. So if you have bought a set to upgrade your drum brakes or have never touched the originals - now is a good time to give them a birthday.