Whether you are completely rebuilding your Moke or just tidying up your daily driver, replacing the grommets and plugs should be on your to-do list. Not only do they look good, but are an often overlooked safety item. Wires can wear on the edge of sharp holes and start fires, or brake lines can rub through with similar nasty results. And you don't really need those spare holes in the firewall making your Moke any noisier or smellier than it needs to be.

To help in your quest for a quiet, reliable, and comfortable Moke - here's a list of all the grommets and plugs you might need, and where they go.

Final Grommet List 640

For a printable PDF version, click here for The Grommet List.

While I've tried to make the list as accurate and comprehensive as possible, there were quite a few changes over the years that make it almost impossble to create one complete and correct list! So use the list and your moke as a guide, add a bit of common sense and your best judgement - and at worst you may have a few left over grommets.

New Grommets

Most of the original grommets were a diaphragm type - large outer diameter with a small hole in the centre. Good at protecting wires etc, and also good at blocking noise, water and fumes. Unfortunately these are getting hard to find now, and most new "grommets" are just a ring with a large hole in the centre. Better than nothing, but far from ideal.

DiaphragmGrommets NewGrommets

A simple way around this is to just buy blanking plugs, and use a wad punch to cut a hole in the centre to suit.


In some cases the original grommets are still available from the bigger online parts suppliers, and you can try searching the part numbers in the list. For the speedo cable, choke cable and heater cable they are the best way to go.


For things like brake lines that are already installed and you don't want to remove, it is easier to cut the grommet and slip it over the line. They usually stay in place if they are the right size - or use a drop of super glue to hold them together and install once it's dry.

It's tempting to do the same with the wiring, but there are tools available to expand the grommet so the plugs can fit through.

PliersClosed PliersOpen FittingGrommet