Don't lose your hose clamps

A simple tip to avoid misplacing your hose clamps or have them hiding on you in some hard to get out place.

The Moke Bolt List

Have you pulled your Moke to bits and forgotten where all the bolts go? Are you doing a full rebuild and want to buy new ones? Or perhaps you just need to replace a couple that are missing.

Here's a complete list of all the bolts that hold a Moke together and where they go.

Socket Sizes

A very commonly asked question is "What size socket do I need to undo this bit?". Here's a list of all the bigger sockets you might come across.

The MokeWerx Calculator

The MokeWerx Calculator is a spreadsheet to assist people when playing with tyres, rims, diffs etc. by allowing you to type in your data and produce up to 6 'What if' scenarios for you to compare.