Peter's Trip to the Corner Store

>There are few corner stores around these days, but 7 intrepid shoppers decided to head off in their Mokes, to arguably the most iconic corner store in Australia.

Bathurst 2016 Drivers Parade

Mokes took on the job of taking the V8 Super Car Drivers on their Parade Lap at the Bathurst 1000 in 2016.

The ABHers

Well finally I have managed to get words and pictures together to let people know what we did on our ABH trip.

Koonalda Homestead and Caves

Off the highway, the Homestead is well worth a visit.

The Paddy Melons

It was hot and I was bored and there were lots of Paddy Melons around.

Icons Trip 2011

Outback Icons Tour of 2011 was a magnificent journey completed by 7 Mokes, 8 soon to be friends and 2 dogs.

Convoy Procedures

Travelling in a group is usually more fun until you get separated, unless of course you meant to lose some people.

Carrying Parts and Tools

As part of any Moke trip that involves straying a little further from home than usual then you should consider making sure you have stored on board an appropriate supply of spare parts for the expected trip.

Spare Parts and Tools - The Basics

A list of the basic spare parts and tools to carry in your Moke at any time to get going with the many minor roadside fixable issues that come from driving a 40 year old car.

Spare Parts and Tools - Level Two

Spare parts and tools that you should be carrying in addition to the basic  items listed here that prepare you for touring longer distances and even moderate dirt road and outback treks.