IMD 2017 - Quirindi

Steve spent his day getting the back-end of his Moke back together so he could enjoy a drive in his Moke with friends the following weekend.

IMD 2017 - North East Victoria

Albury by Moke for IMD 2017

IMD here hasnt been organised to get everyone together, but I know some are working on their Mokes today.

IMD 2017 - Sydney by Mazy

We had a good day today. 4 Mokes from the South Coast met up in Nowra and drove up through Kangaroo Valley to Grandpa's Shed at Fitzroy Falls where we met up with the 11 Mokes that travelled down from Sydney.

IMD 2017 - Sydney by Alan S

International Moke Day for Sydney Hi fokes just a few quick words about our Sydney/South Coast IMD 2017. First of all I would like to thank Shorty 68 for organising a great run

IMD 2017 - Uppsala, Seweden

Uppsala Sweden IMD 2017 - A Moke and two  MInis
I took the Moke for a spin together with some friends in Minis. Great day out, no rain and twisty roads on the countryside.

Cheers Micke Pettersson, Uppsala, Sweden

IMD 2017 - South Africa

Boet and Grandson out for International Moke Day 2017 in Sth AfricaThree Generations of Mokee out and about in South Africa for International Moke Day 2017

IMD 2017 - Melbourne

Melbourne IMD 2017 - Moks meeting up at Wallan

Seven Mokes and occupants made it out for IMD Melbourne on a cool and windy drive around the hills to the north of Melborune.