IMD 2014 - Vancouver, BC Canada

A couple of Mokes made it out for IMD in Vancouver, BC Canada.

IMD 2014 - Perth

IMD 2014 Perth - Photoing the photographer.

The Moes were out again for IMD 2014.

IMD 2014 - HP's Day out

Not a big Moking adventure for IMD this year.

IMD 2014 - Melbourne

Melbourne was nice and sunny but a serious amount of wind for IMD 2014.

IMD 2014 - By The Sea.

IMD for us this year was just an early morning trip down the road.

IMD 2014 - Tamworth

Just making sure they get counted for IMD 2014 in Tamworth.

IMD 2014 - Tasmania, Hobart

IMD 2014 in Tasmania around HobartWe had a fantastic morning for Moking in Southern Tassie for IMD. Six diverse Mokes turned out.

IMD 2014 - Brisbane

IMD 2014 for Brisbane

And a fine day it was for Moking in SEQLD.

IMD 2014 - South Australia

IMD 2014 in Adelaide. Picture by Ginga Ninja.

Great day Had a max of 12 Mokes at the start.

IMD 2014 - Sri Lanka

Sri Laka out and about for IMD 2014

The Sri Lankas were out and about for IMD 2014 again.