Entering Information into the Australian Moke Register

A new form for capturing information about Australian built Mokes is being made available to further expand the information in the Australian Moke Register and breathe a bit of life into the AMR that has been on life support for the past few years. Part of a bigger plan to provide more about the history of individual Mokes, this new AMR entry system will allow people to provide any amount of information about a Moke, no matter how big or small, and is not limited to just the build information as currently stored in the AMR.

The intent of this new entry form is to allow people to enter as much or as little that they have about a Moke, from the full build information to maybe just a registration number and a photo, and if you have more information you can enter it later. What you enter into this form gets manually processed with what we may already have about the vehicle or other items of information and will eventually be entered into a a more elaborate version of the Australian Moke Register that is being developed to create a genealogy type database of the history of as many Mokes as can be found.

The end result can only be as good as the information entered so please try not to assume things when entering information, eg. that the VIN number on the body matches the ADR plate, as in some cases they do not due to typos or creative registration. The form also is very flexible with few required fields and plenty of boxes to enter any information that you can't fit elsewhere, I just want the information entered and it will get sorted out later.

The form does ask you for your email address and name as a means for you to be contacted if there are any further questions about what you have entered and it is hoped that it will be used in the future to notify/update you about any other information someone else may enter about a particular vehicle you have contributed too. Personal information about the owner(s) of the vehicle are kept for our records only and will not be disclosed in public listings etc that may be available in the future.

Some ideas for what you can enter or how you use the Form:

  • Enter as much information as you have or can find about your own Moke.
  • Look at Mokes for sale on the Internet and enter their details
  • You see a Moke in a magazine, so enter its registration and details about the magazine you found it in.
  • You meet someone with a Moke in the streets so grab what information you can and maybe a few photos.
  • You see an old classifieds listing for a Moke and it has some details you can enter.
  • You have an engine you took out of your Moke, enter its details.

When adding further information about a Moke you have already provided information for you don't have to retype everything again however provide some bit of information that is the same in both entries so that they can be matched up together, i.e. rego number, body VIN.

It is a good idea to have a look through the form first to see what information you can enter before you start typing.


Click here to start entering your information.