Tennesee, USA

IMD2008 275 2

Mark and Friend in Dragon something Mountain.

Maddogs Peth, Western Australia

IMD2008 275 11

Mrs Maddog and Puppies late arrival in Perth.

North East Victoria

IMD2008 275 13

North East Victoria With Tony, Roger and Allan.

Illinois, USA

IMD2008 275 5

Raine Ray and Friends.


IMD2008 275 6

South Australian Moke Club out for IMD 2008.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Mokes lined up by Albert Park lake for IMD 2008

Over the day 15 Mokes turned up for the BBQ on the banks of the Yarra for some Moke banter and in the afternoon we braved the Melbourne Traffic.

Canberra, Australia

IMD at Canberra Old Parliment House.Peter had perfect weather, a great historic back drop, a lovely BBQ and nice clean Moke.