The day started off with Mokes meeting on the banks of the Yarra opposite the Botanic Gardens where there was lots of Mokes being checked out as they arrived. A mix of MOA members and new faces/Mokes kept he interest up for everyone as lunch began to sizzle on the BBQ.

About 1pm we headed off for a drive down Chapel St which is generally crowded and very slow moving at anytime of the day or night. Thinking I was going to take a short cut and miss the St Kilda Junction i managed to lead everyone down a side street that comes out right on the Junction. When we eventually got across there we got caught up in traffic for a St Kilda beach festival and so I aborted plans for a drive by of Luna Park and led everyone into Lakeside Drive, or the Grand Prix circuit to anyone out of town.

I pulled everyone up in a bit of spare bitumen on the corner and we had a photo shoot from the grassy knoll opposite and even attracted a few passers by to stop and take their own photos.

Some headed home and the rest went over the bridge and into Williamstown for more crawling in slow moving traffic as we made our way to Flagstaff car park. After an ice cream, what was left of the group toured out of there via the beach and then separated to make our own ways home.

Thanks you for all who attended.