P.M.G. Postal Mokes, the Moke Mailster

In the earlier 1970's the Post Master General in Hobart had a number of Mokes converted to Mail delivery vehicles which apparently were called Moke Mailsters but nowadays we jsut call them Postie Mokes. Details are a bit sketchy but around 14 were believed to have been converted between 1970 and 1973 with the obvious modifications being the large fibreglass canopy on the back and the removal of the front side box to allow step through access on both sides. It is likely the original colour is a Dulon Savanah Green.

Postie Moke - Original Restoration

This restoration of an original PMG Moke Mailster was undertaken by Australia Post in the mid 1990's as was part of a small collection of restored mail deliver vehicles doing the round of car shows. This photo was taken at the HCVC Display Day at the old AFL Park in Waverly, Victoria. After the last year this Moke was displayed is was found to be 'misplaced' after I made enquiries about why it wasn't with the rest of the vehicles that went to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It was located in the possession of an employee(s).

Postie Moke - The MIdas Moke

The Moke spends most of its life parked amongst a graveyard of Minis south of Hobart, Tasmania however it was tidied up and transported to the Minifest 2009 event held in Hobart. It is a non runner as far as I know and after retiring from the PMG service it was painted up in Midas Exhaust colours and used as an advertising vehicle outside a local franchise in either Hobart or Launceston. However this is not likely to be a genuine Postie Moke due to the build date of November 1974 and the lack of the step through sides. The rear canopy is the genuine item though.

Postie Moke - Kermit

This particular moke has been restored for sometime, more than 10 years, and at the time of writing in August 2021 is up for sale at an online auction house. The step through side boxes have been restored to a more conventional set up however the front grille still sports the unique blanking panel that most postie mokes were sporting and you can see the full length reinforcement angle iron is still under the side boxes. . The Moke is dated April 1973 and sported a 1098 from the factory which it still retains by the look of it.

Postie Moke - Launceston Train Moke

After working as a PMG Postie Moke this example went on to become a working tourist train Moke running around a park in Launceston Tasmania. Another with the fixed grill and no blanked off area and there doesn't appear o have been the full width panel betweenthe side boxes however there are some holes in the top of the side boxes that could suggest a bench seat was fitted at some time. The Moke has gone on to become a donor Moke and then was chopped up with a 9" grinder to get it out of a shed.

Postie Moke - Pink Wreck

This pink Moke turned up for sale on Gumtree in October 2017 is another example of a Postie Moke but not a lot odf details are available. The front grille is not removable and has not been modified with the blanked off area found on other Postie Mokes and there is a full width panle between the side boxes suggesting the seating arrangement was a full width bench seat.

Postie Moke - A Nice Red

The ex Postie Moke has been running around Hobart area for a number of years now and was seen up for sale on Gumtree, in August 2021 with an asking price of $25,000, where the majority of these image have been lifted from. The angled panel covering the step through is the most recognisable feature of the Moke that gives a clue to its origins. A close look at the number plates show it has moved from a special interest registration to full registration Tassie

Postie Moke - A real roughy

This ex Postie Moke has had a pretty hard life going by the damage to the floor and tunnel but it did manage to keep its orginal fibreglass roof and with a lot of love might see the road again one day. Another Moke that is part of a collection of three postie mokes decorating a backyard in Launceston

Postie Moke - Dirty Red

I really don't have any information about this Moke, just found the pictures on the Moke Forum.

Postie Moke - Tidy Green

This exPostie Moke is still sporting the bench eat, a removable grille with blanked off area but not the flat panel style seen on other Postie Mokes. This is only one of two remaining Posite Mokes with the extended firewall that raises the windscreen higher to allow the original windscreen to be used with the fibreglass canopy and the full width panel under the seat is still in place. A lot of the original features still there, this Moke is really looking for an original canopy to be fitted and it is not far from being original again.