This restoration of an original PMG Moke Mailster was undertaken by Australia Post in the mid 1990's as was part of a small collection of restored mail deliver vehicles doing the round of car shows. This photo was taken at the HCVC Display Day at the old AFL Park in Waverly, Victoria. After the last year this Moke was displayed is was found to be 'misplaced' after I made enquiries about why it wasn't with the rest of the vehicles that went to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It was located in the possession of an employee(s).
restoredOriginalPostieMoke  restoredOriginalPostieMoke2  restoredOriginalPostieMoke3
These images were supposedly taken by the police who found the Moke at the premises of an employee for Australia Post according to this information on the Australian Moke Forum  
I first came across this Moke when it was on display at the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club annual Display Day held at Waverly/AFL Park as my parents were involved in the organising of the event I used go along to help set up and pack up the event. It made three appearances I recall and on its last appearance while we were loading the various Australia Post vehicles we were told all the vehicles were on there way to the Power House Museum in Sydney and wouldn't be available for future shows. Sometime later, a few years I think or more I noticed the other vehicles on display at the Power House but there was no Moke. I made contact with the Australia Post representative that organised them for the HCVC Show and asked what had happened to the Moke. At first he was a bit vague and I think didn't really remember there being a Moke but he said he would follow it up. A few months later he rang up to say thank you for following up on the Moke and that it 'had been found with an employee'.
Some time after it had been found I also heard of someone trying to sell a Postie Moke that was gathering dust in the back of a factory so I believe was the same Moke but I never was able to confirm that. As to what eventually became of the this particular Moke I don't know, whether Australia Post kept it or they did sell it on after it was dismantled in 2005.
I do have some photos somewhere, pre digital days, of the Moke while it was on the display at Waverly, but I haven't come across them any time recently.If you look closely at the image of it on display in all its glory you may notice it has no engine or gearbox and this was the case for the three years it was displayed.