Spare parts and tools that you should be carrying in addition to the basic  items listed here that prepare you for touring longer distances and even moderate dirt road and outback treks.

Being further from help then the more you need to take spare parts that can get you home or at least within reach of civilisation therefore while some of these parts listed may sound strange and unlikely to be used they will tend to be things that are difficult to circumvent or 'bush fix' in the rare case of failure. Although the odd Moke can still be found in some strange and remote places, it is not like finding Ford and Holden spares literally on the side of the road.

Driving for more extended periods than you would normally and doing it again for consecutive days may show up problems with your Moke your are normally exposed too. The most common ones are using more engine oil and cooling issues due to the extended running times, greater ambient temperatures or even coolant loss. Depending on the preparation of your vehicle, other things like overheating bearings, things working loose and falling off and incorrect fuel mixtures at high speeds can cause no end of roadside fun. Also extended trips also mean you are probably carry more luggage and other items so the Moke will be heavier and exposed to more more stress and issues you would not normally find driving around home.

Spare Parts.

As mentioned already the items listed here should be the ones that fit your car and for some items they don't have to be new and could be something you may have replaced in your preparations but is still usable in an emergency.

Head, Exhaust and Thermostat gaskets.
Upper Engine Steady Bushes
Lower Arm and Castor Bar Bushes
Front Wheel Bearing kit(pre packed in ziplock bag is good)
Rear Wheel Bearing kit(or pre-fitted in spare hub is good)
Spare Rotor button and Distributor Cap
1x Suspension Cone/Donut
1x Front and 1x Rear Strut/Trumpet
Exhaust mount rubbers
Cotton Reel mounts for Gear Selector
Inner and Outer CV Boot Rubbers
Front CV
Front Shock/Damper
Rear Shock/Damper
Rear Trailing Arm Pin Kit.
Engine mounts
Carby Needle and Seat

The following items are less likely to be carried by everyone but you should plan with other members of the group to ensure compatible items are being carried by you or  someone else to be shared in a moment of need.

Firewall Engine Steady Bracket
Front upper Arm Pin
Front and rear Brake Hoses
Rear trailing arm brake pipe
1of each drive shaft(they are different lengths)
Exhaust Clamps
Working Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders
Clutch Plate
Thrust bearing


Engine Oil 5lt
Fuel Filter
500ml Brake Fluid
Moly grease
High Temp Wheel Bearing Grease
Puncture repair kit.


Grease gun with Moly Grease(at least one amongst group)


1 1/2" Spanner or Long Socket


15/16 Socket for Sump and Rear hub
Disc CV Socket to Suit
Drum CV socket to suit

Misc. Tools