First of all, this article relates to the late Gal body Mokes from 1980 on. Earlier Mokes have shorter straighter rods, and I'll add them when I get a chance. The gal rods have some fairly significant bends in them - but don't worry, they are quite normal!

This is how they should look....


It is possible to assemble them a number of ways - but only one is correct! To save you the trouble of wondering why nothing lines up and pulling it all to bits again, study these photos carefully. Sometimes a texta mark on the rod and eye is a good way to double check.

This is how they should look when fitting the rod eye into the change box.

ChangeBox  ChangeBoxBottom

Obviously you need to fit the rod eye and rod eye extension inside the shifter box first then slide the shift rod into it - but it is very important to get right before installing the roll pins.

Here is the rod eye and gear stick in the correct position.


You can see the way the gear stick fits into the socket, which goes at the bottom. It is important that the front shift rod is attached to this correctly, so it is the right way up when it is all assembled.

The rod eye is also quite fragile, so be careful when knocking the pins in and make sure it is well supported.

When it's all finished and installed, this is how it should look from the top.


And again from the side.


The rods will only fit one way, and should line up with the gearbox easily once you get them right.

When fitting the change box to your Moke, often the shift rod will flip over. If this happens, the rod won't line up, and the gear change won't work. The best way to avoid this is to leave the bottom cover off so you can check it.

And finally, the bottom plate contains the spring gate for reverse.


When fitting, the laminated spring goes on the passengers side of your Moke, and the drain hole to the front or rod end.