The 14R Mokes have some unique features that I believe make them a little more special than the rest of the Export Mokes and as more of the history is uncovered I expect that they will turn out to be the earlier prototype or sample of Export Mokes built before the rear tank issue came about so don't bet the farm on this being absolutely correct but I am happy enough to pencil this into the history as I understand it at the moment.

What makes these particular Mokes interesting is they were fitted with the earlier 12YGUH 1275 engine, they retained the left side top fill fuel tank, they show evidence in the engine bay of having been converted from LHD to RHD before leaving the factory, the ADR compliance plates are dated November 1970, some 12 months before being released to the local market along with the rest of the Export Mokes.

A image of two early Export Mokes stacked on top of each other ready for shipment.This photo of two early Export Mokes was staged on the lawns outside the factory offices shows they were fitted with the standard left side top fill fuel tank, no rear tank, the steering wheel is on the left hand side and in all other respects the are sporting the usual Export Moke features. Given the one 14R's I have been able to find still in existence shows evidence of having been LHD I believe that many of Mokes of this configuration  built at that time became the YJBAB14R Mokes after being converted to RHD while one or two are known to have been exported still as LHD .

Although early documentation shows the original  Export Mokes were intended to have 1098 engines and there is little evidence to show whether any or how many were actually built with the 1098, the existence of the 12YGUH engine in the 14R Mokes lends itself to the proposition  that these Moke were built in 1970. The 1204 engine utilised in the rear fuel tank Exports version was not available until 1971.

The lack of the rear tank in these LHD Exports also supports my assumption that these Moke were built at a time before the rear fuel tank became an issue, while the exact time of production is still being determined and the ADR plate on the 14R Moke shows November 1970. These Mokes were probably built in mid to late 1970.