MokeFest 2013 Border ImageIn September of 2013 MokeFest is going on the road with an Adventure to Perth in Western Australia to meet the locals, tour areas of the state and for those from the eastern states will take the iconic trip across the Nullarbor. Being held in recognition of the efforts WA Mokers have made to come to events on the eastern side of the country and for something different to the previous events, MokeFest 2013 WA Adventure is going to be a once in lifetime opportunity for many people. Full details at

MokeFest 2013 will be the chance for people on the east to have a brief touring holiday in WA, to make the trek across the Nullarbor in the safety of other Mokes and meet up with other WA Moke owners who you probably have not meet before. Simply due to the distances involved this will be a two or three week undertaking for most people coming from the east and the costs of fuel maybe prohibitive for some however it is being planned to encourage as many people as possible to be a part of this event.

The event will be held over two weekends in Western Australia, the first being the 21st of September in a rural town as a social weekend and the second being the 28th and 29th around Perth and the suburbs. Due to the holiday leave and cost considerations I wanted people to have plenty of notice to start making plans and putting their spare change in the piggybank.

The MokeFest 2013 is really a series of trips and activities taking place over the two to three week period that exposes people to all the good things about having a Moke and for many will take them on a journey they might not otherwise have consider possible or practical. Also it is a good opportunity to the Moke owners of the West to take the opportunity to enjoy some of the larger events that we on the east take for granted.

The meeting point for people from the east is Quorn, 40km north of Port Augusta, to assemble for the trip across from the east. Next is the trip across the Nullarbor, an iconic journey and not one many people experience in a Moke. The first weekend will be spent a few hours out of Perth where Mokers from both sides of the country get to mingle and socialise at Club Kennel. We then have a week of groups or individuals touring the areas of WA they want to experience before meeting up again in Perth on the weekend. Following a weekend of local hospitality people can either begin their journey home or continue for some more touring around WA.

I am not expecting or looking for MokeFest 2013 to be the 100+ Mokes of MokeFest 2009  however being a mobile event on the other side of the country for most people, MokeFest 2013 will have new challenges but I believe the adventure and experiences will be well worth the effort.

Join us for MokeFest 2013 and take a trip across the Nullarbor in your Moke and enjoy the hospitality and attractions of Western Australia and its Moke owners.

For more full details and more information follow MokeFest 2013 at and don't forget to sign up to the regular newsletter while you are there.