I went and looked at this local Moke in 2010 and was pleased to see it is what I believe to be the earliest example, as far as serial numbers go, of an Export Moke to still exist. It is in pretty sad shape body wise and the engine is seized but that doesn't stop the owner having an unrealistic price in his mind for it in 2010 and I spoke with him recently and the today's asking prices for Mokes really haven't helped the situation so I expect the Moke will continue to its decline for years to come. The condition of  the rare Black Verve hood in the back would almost make it worth purchasing, unfortunately one small patch of it has been exposed to the weather through a hole in the cover making it useless.

A look at the steering wheel shows the 'colored coded' feature of the Export Mokes that at that stage didn't extend to engine as it did in later Export Mokes.


Anything to add?

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