Leyland Australia Workshop Manual for Mokes and Minis

Australian Publication from around 1976. Includes the 998, 1100 and 1275(Export) Mokes, however no Electrical diagram for the Export Moke. Does have electrical schematics for Generator,Alternator with external regulator and in the Appendix the three wire Alternator.

Gearboxes covered are the 3 and 4 synchro boxes and the rod change remote housing but just uni joints and not Pot or inboard CV's. Some images are still old English items but minor items.

While it may be lacking in detail for the inexperienced moke owner, it is still the best reference for the factory tolerances and specifications.

It is often found on eBay or is still available new. Just be aware there are at least three versions - TP832A,B and C published from 1971 through to 1976. Only the latest version will contain details of the Australian emissions sytem, rod change gearbox and tandem brakes. There is also a white cover "Concise" version.