Late mokes with the twin stalk indicator switch use two small pins under the steering wheel to cancel the indicators. This works fine until you replace the steering wheel!

As our mokes get older or rebuilt, a lot of parts get changed. One of the first things is usually the steering wheel. So, if your indicators don't cancel, or you are buying a new wheel, this is how they work.

Here's the pins on the steering wheel..


If you don't have any pins or the holes for them, they are easy to do. The holes are 1/8", at 1 1/8" C to C, 1/4" deep at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. The pins are 1/8" x 3/4" roll pins. This wheel had the holes, and the pins were in a packet under the centre cap.



 Here's the bit in the middle that the pins turn, and the canceling mechanism...



Note the lug on the side at about half past two - it must line up with the indicator arm as below...




Get that wrong and they won't cancel very well - if at all.


And finally, this is how the pins mate with the switch.



There is a fair degree of free play in there, and with the mokes very direct steering you may find that your indicators still don't cancel on slight turns like roundabouts. This is quite normal, but very annoying and sometimes dangerous.

One solution is to push a short length of windscreen washer tubing onto the pins to remove some of the slop. Another idea is to add a small 12 volt buzzer to the indicator circuit to let you know your indicators are on.