It is a fairly simple device that took a about 5 years to think about and an hour to make from a few bits around the garage and is adjustable to be used for simply activating the brake lights through to holding enough pressure on the brakes to undo the drive flange nut. The tool is two pieces of tube with 'feet' on each end and a threaded rod in between with a nut to provide the adjustment and hold the pressure.

Moke Jake the Brake Pedal holder.

The feet are just a couple brackets my father had in his garage and the tube was some leftover from modified shockers. The threaded rod is 10mm. The tube on the left is threaded to accept the threaded rod and this lock it up and stops the threaded rod turning. The nut pushes against the right hand rod and it pushes the pedal down.

Moke Jake the Brake adjusting mechanism

In the 'design phase' I had to consider the minimum distance to allow the device to be fitted by hand which is achieved by depressing he pedal by hand to initially position Jake the Brake with a small amount of pressure on it. The second consideration is to make sure there is enough threaded rod to allow the pedal to be pressed almost to the floor for Mokes with badly adjusted brakes.

Moke Jake the Brake left foot

Moke Jake the Brake right foot
Photo by Terry