Maddog's Moke Spit

I wanted to be able to flip the body for repairs, blast it and paint it without any areas being inaccessible. Here's what I came up with.

Moke Shell on Rotisserie
To get it to spin easily, the pivots need to be in a straight line through the centre of gravity. I took a guess at where the front one went, then put a spirit level on the side box and jacked the body until it was level, and measured up from the floor to get the rear one the same height as the front. It seems fairly close where it is - the front pipe is 3/4" above the grill cut-out, and the rear is level with the rear floor. It turns with one hand and stays in position without locking bolts.

Front Bracket Front Bracket Mounting
I used the mounting points for the subframe at the front, but went to a bit of trouble to make sure there was plenty of room around everything so I can sandblast and paint the engine bay all while on the stands. This bracket had to be made in two pieces (as I found out), because it won't go in or out as one. If I was making another one, I would put the front bar further back from the front panel, as this area usually needs a lot of work.

Front Bracket Bar Front Bracket From Underneath
This body had already been painted as a rolling shell and I only wanted to get to bottom of the floor pan, so the rear bracket is a simple brace that bolts to the spare tyre bracket holes - but I wouldn't do it that way again. To do a full restoration I would use the subframe mounts similar to the front, or any of the bumper mount holes.

Rear Bracket Rotisserie Stands
The stands themselves are very simple. The legs are patio tube and the uprights are 65x65 square with a piece of 2" pipe on top with a piece of 1 1/2" pipe inside it. A nut welded on top with a bolt screwed in stops the body turning. Something I did after these photos is put a bolt through the 1 1/2" pipe to stop it slipping out of the stand.

It is intended that this article will expand with more pictures and examples as other people contribute their own designs and the person planing to building one they may be able to get the best ideas and design to help them with theirs.

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