A last minute impromptu IMD for Adelaide this year.

Due to some unforseen circumstances with the Cape Yorkers being a little behind schedule a last minute get together was organised.
Meeting at the GeppsCross homemaker centre was Drew(Ginga Ninja) and Laura, Doug and Shirley in Frog moke, Chris and Greg in his white moke, Josh and his Father in the Blue moke Bev and I in Mighty Moke, and a special appearance from Ann with her sparkly Mettalic Blue moke Rubber Ducky. Unfortunately Ann couldn’t join us for the cruise but thanks for making the effort to come and meet us. Drew and Laura also came down to say G’day and check the mokes out. Thanks, nice to meet you.

We headed off after a chat, to Tanunda but didn’t get far when Josh’s moke decided it needed the points adjusted, no biggy, lucky he brought Dad along..
We met up with Col Francis in Tanunda who rode his Beemer over from the Riverland where we enjoyed Coffee and cake beforeanother minor mechanical problem this time with Chris’s moke snapping the aclerator cable, but with many hands this was also fixed using a ¼” Hose clamp on the end of the cable at the pedal. Again Josh’s Dad jumped in head first into Chris’s Moke footwell.
We then headed through Angaston to Collingrove Hill Climb, where we enjoyed the thrills of a huge variety of cars doing the climb. We then after a few hours headed off on different routes back home with Bev and I detouring via the Bethany Winery.

A great trip with some great people thanks for participating.