A Sad Export

A pretty sad Export Moke up for sale 2021 in North Esast Victoria that needs a lot of work to get back on the road. The engine looks like the orginal 1204 but it is sporting a Morris 1100 radiator.

Heavily Modified Export Moke

This Export Californian Moke was parked outside a Melbourne workshop back in 2010 and shows a lot of very detailed and well made customisation, unfortunately I missed getting a front on image of the Moke. I have seen it up for sale a few years later and lost track of then.

Original One Owner Export Moke

A rare find these days, this Californian Export Moke is still in the hands of its original onwer and used regualrly as a daily driver, or at least was being driven daily when these pictures were taken in 2006 in Tenterfield NSW. While the hood has been replaced with a basic black canopy, pretty everything else is the original features of the Exports that provides us with a mobile museum and useful reference of production details.

Bob's Export Californian

Another nice Export Californain that has been reasonably well maintained over the years with many of the original features still intact, including the paint work, although it does sport sunraysia rims off the later Californian and some nice chrome flute work in the bonnet. It has not been a Moke for sitting in  shed either having completed many trips, large and small, with the Moke Owners Association of Victoria

Californian Export in Gold with Merc grille

The picture looks like it came from eBay and the date on the photo is 2005.

Gambier Turquoise Export Moke

This Export still sports its original paint colour, Gambier Turquoise, and original engine but is a little worse for wear with a heavy hit on the front that has seen it patched up and painted. . It has passed through a few members of the Moke Owners Association of Victoria since this photo was taken in 2007 and now resides at the orphanage.

Very original Export from Tassie

This very original Moke was purchased from a lady in Tasmania in 2007 who I believe was the first owner and went with the new young owner, Arron I think, to Stawell. It has possibly been sold on into South Australia were I think it has appeared at the occasional show over the years, or there are two very nice Orange Exports. Other than the wheels and missing the original number plate bracket I recall it was original and well maintained and is possibly #590.

Export with tray top in UK

This Californian Export moke is pictured somewhere in the UK and has a versatile rear tray set up.

Sth Aust Export Moke RXJ 283

This Californian Export Moke is sporting South Australian rego plates but otherwise little is known of it.

The Moke Ambulance

This is the only Moke Ambulance known to exist as was set up to be used at events by a private Ambulance service in Hobart, Tasmania. The second attendant sits behind the driver while the patient lays on a stretcher along the left side with oxygen and other medical supplies are packed in around them. The seats are from a regualr Ambulance and are quite high meaning when I got a chance to drive it a few kilometres to take the photos I had to tilt my head sideways to be able to see out the windscreen. Interesting and novel but not sure how practical unless the hood and bows were removed. Still retains the orignal engine.

Anything to add?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.