Can you help?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.

Unfortunately I don't have anymore photos of this Moke that i can find at the moment but the story that I remember is that the Moke was purchase from a lady, possibily the original owner, in Tasmania by a young guy called Arron who lived around Stawell in Victoria.The photo was taken at IMD 2007 in Melbourne and it had only recently come across the ditch. Other than the wheels and missing the original number plate bracket i recall it was original and well maintained.

The body number/vin is around the 590 mark I think. I am not sure if it is the same Moke that appears in a few outings around Adelaide in more recent years.