A Special Export

A special export Moke with some very unique features for an Export Moke that make it interesting and one of my favourite Exports. It is a rare YJBAB14R Moke, only two are known to still exist, it has a left side top fill tank, not a rear tank like the rest, and shows signs of having been converted from left hand drive to right hand drive. It went under water in the Brisbane Floods in 1972 before it left the dealership then was later sold at auction and then modified further to hold a tank, probably for liquid spraying , in the rear that removed the rear floor and back and modified the rear sub frame.

Anything to add?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.