This photo was shows a line up of Military Mokes, nine in total, with a few extra Army trimmings and appeared to be unused when the photo was taken. Not a lot of information is available about the source of the photo however the features of the Mokes suggest 1968 or 1969.


The photo was supplied to by Chris Tyler who has the original photo that was given to him by a fellow he used to work with that was in the Army so no information is available about the source or location yet. All other comments are based on looking closely at the original photo.

A line up of Australian Army Mokes from 1968 0r 1969
Photo supplied by Chris Tyler. Photographer unknown.

The first thing I noticed about the Mokes pictured is there lack of the perspex sidescreen and blank panel of the canopy that was a feature of the earlier Mokes. This along with the combined indicator and parking light and flat bonnet suggest these Mokes are very early 13" wheeled Mokes from around 1968 or 1969.

However according to the List of Australian Military Mokes only two Mokes were purchased for evaluation in 1969 and no further orders were placed until 1973. So if the assumption is they are for the Australian Military then either the list is wrong or not complete.

Two Army Mokes in closer detail.
Photo supplied by Chris Tyler, Photographer unknown

The obvious military extra on here is the snorkel with pre-cleaner on the left side and the military plate holders on the front bumper. What is missing though is wiper arms. You can also see on the badge on the front panel the use of two words so it is likely to be 'BMC Moke' which again gives the vintage of these Mokes as '68 or '69.

A close up of the Army Moke with a folde windscreen.
Photo supplied by Chris Tyler, photographer unknown.

You can just see the front of another Moke on the left edge of the photo that has no canopy and what looks like the windscreen folded down on the bonnet. This means at least 10 Mokes were delivered at the time of this photograph. A little more obvious in this close up is the non standard sump guard on these Mokes.

These are a couple of other crops from the image that might help identify the location.

The Building face in the background of the army mokes picture
Photo supplied by Chris Tyler, photographer unknown.

A military vehicle in the background of the army mokes photo.
Photo supplied by Chris Tyler, photographer unknown.

If anyone has any more information on these Mokes or the location or source of the photograph This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anything to add?

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