Can you help?

Perhaps you own or owned a Moke that is displayed on this page, if you do recognise any of the Mokes pictured here and can offer more information and or photos to help record their history then please get in touch via the contact page.

Not a name that too many people would recognise but better known as 'Freddie' Strauks the drummer of Skyhooks, one of the top Aussie bands across the mid '70's. Not only liked because he was good in bed, but it turns out Freddie used to also drive a Moke. This small snippet of information, no pictures yet, came about when a mature age lady saw my Moke in the streets of Richmond and commented that 'When she was 17 the drummer from Skyhooks used to pick her up and take her to gigs in his Moke.' 

In further research, read I type 'Strauks Moke' into Google, I found another reference to Freddie and his Moke, this time taking fellow Skyhooks guitarist Bob Spencer to a gig in Ferntree Gully in 1979. You can read the mention here,