Some I had never seen before and some who had been on the trip to Alice, Shepparton or Wagga.  Trying to manage a convoy of 19 Mokes and two Minis though traffic lights to clear the city was not an easy task and even with the aid of radios, kept loosing people.
I am not sure why I bothered to give everyone a lecture on 'convoy procedure' beforehand. 

We had a great run through the hills east of Perth and down to one of the Churchman's Brook Dam which is one of the city dams where we had the official photo shoot.  I didn't have the newspaper as I felt there were enough witnesses to prove we were there on the correct day.  Anyway the front page was all about the Eagles losing their semi-final to Geelong
and it was all too depressing.

After the photo shoot we travelled on south through a couple of short sharp showers and landed in a place called Mundijong, south of Armadale on the south West highway where we indulged in brilliant fish and chips in returning sunshine and warmth and more photos.  By this time we had lost a  couple of vehicles.  One due to breakdown which the 4WD Moke was able to tow home and then return and the other had to go home for family reasons.

Alan Miles suggested another photo shoot at a picturesque spot so the final 9 Mokes and one Mini had their picture taken in an avenue of trees on a quiet road.  Goodbyes were said and overwhelming opinion was 'The Most Successful IMD Ever!'.