After attending the Perth IMD for the last two years, family and work commitments this year meant we would not be able to make the long trip. So we thought we would have our own event at home with Ron the farm Moke. While Ron is licensed and roadworthy, I forgot to organise some seatbelts for the new rear seats, so we were restricted to our own farm tracks for the day. But we still managed over 30 km's without ever going on a public road.
Here's a few pics from the day.
A quick wash before setting off.
 IMD 2009 Crop inspection by Moke
After a wetter than normal winter, the wildflowers were in full bloom.
Lunch at our favourite picnic spot, in the back paddock next to the lake.
International Moke Day Western Ausralian with Maddog 2009  
Crop inspection on the way home. Barley is okay......bonnet height!
Can't see any weeds in the wheat.
More speedway fun with Arnold on International Moke Day  
Quick lap of the local speedway track in one corner of the farm. Didn't try the burnout pad.......
International Moke Day 2009 at the Speedway for Arnold
And our proof......
Proof of IMD 2009 for Maddog  
Fantastic day and beautiful weather. Thanks to Terry for the inspiration, and Ron for the ride!