From Martin....

IMD has had a very small start in NZ - Scoobs galv cali being the only entrant this year.
We are confident that there will be a doubling of numbers next year!

The forecast rain did not appear, which was good as we were toplesshoodless

The best part was that I got to drive a moke for the first time since april which was fantastic
I would post a pic but the gallery is playing up.

From Scoob...

Yep, just the 2 of us sharing the moment in one Moke.

Unfortunately after meeting another Moker at a mini 50th event a couple of weeks ago I lost his business card. Bugger!
If you are out there, blue early OZ moke with the 1275cc motor then drop me a line and either Martin or myself will be in touch for future excursions.

Keep up the good work Martin on "MankyMoke", Looking forward toe the rebirth as "Stormtrooper"

Happy IMD